Ex-Husband of Karen de le Carriere Speaks on Her Violent Rages, Abuse of Son

Jim, former husband of Karen de la Carriere, speaks of how Karen often abused her young son with her violent rages, and manipulated others by throwing fits to get her way.


When I was living with Karen, when we were together, I was on pins and needles.

I was just very distressed and had become emotionally a wreck, basically. I had to get away from her. She was insane.

There was kind of like no upside. Everything was like anxiety and tension, for me, being around her. And there wasn’t really any points or time when there was any happiness in our marriage.

Karen would quite often abuse her son, Alexander, at the time he was six, seven years old, I forget exactly how old. But she would go into these incredible rages, just these severe violent rages, and she would take it out on him. And he was just a little kid at the time. And he was just overwhelmed by that. And I’d seen her do this on several occasions.

One time, we were in the house in Glendale and Karen was angry at Alexander for something—they were in the kitchen, I remember. And she was just kind of bent over, because he was only six, seven, eight at the time, I don’t remember exactly. But he was, I could just see he was just, he was actually quite terrified, to be honest with you.

She would get very violent. She had a tendency to just fly off the handle to the point of shaking. It’s almost like she was going into some kind of a seizure or something. She would shake and just go into these violent, severe reactions. But she would sometimes just really go off on him.

And she was basically a powder keg and you never really knew when she was going to explode. Unless she wanted something from you, then she’d be very sweet and nice.

But she was very manipulative. She really was. And if she didn’t get what she wanted, she was—she would throw these violent fits to get her way. And that’s the way she handled Alexander, and I’ve seen her treat other people like that as well.